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Vita gel toe protectors

Vita-Gelâ„¢ is a soft and flexible, yet sturdy, material developed by the Profoot company. It is used in various foot care products, such as Vita gel toe protectors, Vita gel toe spacers, Vita gel corn wraps and Vita gel toe relief pads.

Vita gel toe protectors cushion your toe by absorbing and redistributing pressure and friction. This type of protection will therefore safeguard your toe not only against shock but also against chafing. Vita gel toe protectors are popular among people suffering from foot problems such as ingrown nails, corns, chipping toes, overlapping toes, and hammer and mallet toes.

Vita gel toe protectors are stretchy tube-type protector that will fit snuggly on any toe. There is no need for any sticky adhesives. If the protector is too long, simply trim it using a pair of scissors.

Tips! Vita gel toe protectors work great as overnight finger cuticle moisturizers.

How to use Vita Gel toe protectors

Vita Gel toe protectors is made from pure gel and designed to fit snuggly without causing constriction or irritation. Simply slide the protector over your toe (or finger). If it is too big for you, remove the protector and trim it carefully using sharp scissors.

Care instructions
Vita Gel toe protectors are washable and can therefore be used repeatedly. Gentle hand washing using nothing but water and mild soap is recommended. Leave to air dry.

Added benefits
Vita Gel toe protectors offers 100% mineral oil enriched gel protection. The oil will serve to moisture your skin and make it smoother.

Important information regarding Vita Gel toe protectors

    • Vita Gel toe protectors should not be worn more than 18 hours continuously.
    • Vita Gel toe protectors are not recommended for broken skin.
    • If you notice skin discoloration, numbness, irritation or pain, stop using the Vita Gel toe protector. If symptoms persist, consult your physician.
    • People suffering from underlying health conditions, especially diabetes or poor circulation, should always consult their physician before using any foot care product.
    • Keep out of reach for children.


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